"...clever, witty and unassuming ...funny, really funny"

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The Good Review, 4 ****

"...This is the beauty of the piece.

....There is humour and fun but it is also deeply emotional. At times sad, others full of pathos or anger."

"A really inspiring piece of theatre, dance, concert –choose which seems most appropriate to you."

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British Theatre Guide

"consistently inventive ...and impressive performances from dancers Mia Theil Have and Irene Cioni and from musician Kodjabashia.

It's an hour of intense movement and inventive music—ranging from pop to avant-garde—which won't satisfy anyone looking for a clear narrative but has plenty to offer in its abstract symbolism..."

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'We were met by the beautiful Haggersby (...)'

'we long to hear her lilting Italian accent once more.'


THN Go Intergalactic With Secret Cinema

‘Amazing performance. Gripping charming beautiful strange’
Stephen Sharkey, writer

‘Unique and brilliant in every respect, the concept, the music and above all the movement... A real treat!’
Helena Kaut-Howson, director

‘Such a neurotically fabulous choreography and wonderful music and so, so brilliantly performed.’
Sasha Damjanovski, film director

“The night moves of the possessed. Keeps morphing in a quest of a bit of Morpheus - sleep, dreams....”
Paul Tickell, film director

Insomnia @ Arcola Theatre, London

MORE ON INSOMNIA, ROME APR. 2014  http://www.teatrovascello.it/2013_14/rassegna/la_nazione_22-4-2014.pdf


‘Resolution! can be quite hit and miss' - First appearing as two white heads in the dark, floating towards an unidentified glowing object were the amphibious dancers of Aquarium. Lights turned on, wind up goldfish were spat into a bowl, and the marine-clad water nymphs began their riveting routine. Swimming in synchronised arcs, they pushed and pulled against unseen currents, exploring why we choose to inhabit confined structures over infinite space. A soundtrack of breaking china anticipated the cross formation that finally ruptured their oval orbits on stage - simple yet exquisite.

Katerina Pantelides

 Two girls lean forward and spit goldfish out of their mouths into a waiting bowl. As entrances go, it's attention grabbing. Dana Kolesarova and Irene Cioni's Aquarium is purportedly about freedom, and what we do with it. But bar the inappropriate use of aquatic pets, it turns out that we make order, because the result here is far from anarchy. There's a pleasing specificity to the pair's movements and trajectories, dancing in slippery jerks or bouncy shadow boxing; all playful games of getting from A to B. It's a slight but satisfying work, although there's a danger of being easily forgotten by our goldfish-like memories.   

Lyndsey Winship

Aquarium, February 2011


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