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Dance theatre piece by Tage Larsen with Nikola Kodjabashia, Irene Cioni and Mia Theil Have.

A full lenght video is available here
Touring 2012-13, more follow.

AQUARIUM, a duet with dancer Dana Kolesarova and myself. It is an ongoing project, originally started in 2008 at Newington Dance Space in London.                                                                

With original music by Tom Parkinson. The latest version of the piece was premiered at Robin Howard Dance Theatre ( The Place ) in London, defined by the press as simple yet exquisite; a satisfying, fresh and forward thinking work.

February 2011 





A site specific performance. A fibre-optic textile has been devised specially for this installation by Japanese artist KEI ITO, enabling it to glow at dusk. Performed at Geffrey Museum, Shoreditch , London.





Dance is the dress of my thoughts . Solo, a video by Asudari.

Choreography and dance:   Irene Cioni
Director:   Cathy Sheehan
Editor:   Tia Dunn
Production assistant:   Chris Illsley
Music:   Black and Blue by Rubicks  

THE MONKEY , a theatre performance in one act. Based on the novel of the same name by Karen Blixen, The Monkey is a complex parable that invites the audience to question how religious commitment can foster terrible violence.                                                                                       

The performance was created in Argentina and Denmark collectively using improvisation, physical work, dance and live music by the theatre collective Hopballehus which I have been part for more than 3 years.   



PHILOMENA PARADE, an outdoor parade based on migration and the history of resistance in our countries. Commissioned to Hopballehus Theatre collective by the PIT festival of Porsgrunn, Norway.



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