‘Amazing performance. Gripping charming beautiful strange’
Stephen Sharkey, writer

‘Unique and brilliant in every respect, the concept, the music and above all the movement... A real treat!’
Helena Kaut-Howson, director

‘Such a neurotically fabulous choreography and wonderful music and so, so brilliantly performed.’
Sasha Damjanovski, film director

“The night moves of the possessed. Keeps morphing in a quest of a bit of Morpheus - sleep, dreams....”
Paul Tickell, film director


A pas de deux drama for two girls and a piano man

INSOMNIA has recently been awarded a grant from ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND for a UK Tour in 2014/15. 

THANKS to RIOTOUS COMPANY and it's Artistic Director Mia Theil Have that is now managing the Performance and it's future shows.

Please check WHATSON  for up to date news.

"Two girls are fighting sleep; or trying to find rest on the stage they enter.

Maybe they are merely two sides of one person seeking the necessary harmony between collaboration and opposition.

The balance between conflict and unity keeps them awake, whilst also being chased through fragments of dreams.

The piano man is the one who pulls the strings."

Tage Larsen



Irene Cioni

Mia Theil Have

Nikola Kodjabashia


Tage Larsen 


Nikola Kodjabashia

Light Design

Stuart Glover





AGENDA                                                                        DATES                                                        LOCATION

ITALY                                                                             Autumn 2014 (dates tbc)                             Foravia - Teatro Dei Passi Perduti, CHIAVASSO

ITALY                                                                             22-27 April 2014                                        Teatro Vascello, ROME

DENMARK                                                                       2- 14 September 2013                                 Art Epi, Green Performing City                      

U.K. ( Premier )                                                               15-16 March 2013                                       Arcola Theatre, LONDON 

ITALY ( Preview )                                                              28-02-13                                                   Teatro Fabbrichino, PRATO

DENMARK ( Premier )   info  here                                      20-11-12                                                   Odin Teatret, HOLSTEBRO

INSOMNIA ( Artistic Residency )                                         3-10-12                                                     Performer's House, SILKEBORG

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Irene Cioni, Mia Theil Have and Nikola Kodjabashia are all based in London where they work in dance, theatre, opera and music. Stuart Glover is English and based in London works in light design for theatre and art in Berlin, London, France, Chile.

Tage Larsen has created the cross genre performance INSOMNIA with the trio. The performance will be hosted at Odin Teatret in November 2012 and is the first milestone on their international tour 2012-2013.


Planning a UK and Italy touring in 2014-2015

full length video is available

for a full brochure


Riotous Company 





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